Bike Repair

Tune-up Packages Available:

Regular Tune-up: $70.00

  • Clean bike
  • Check for correct operation of derailleurs and adjust as necessary
  • Check for proper operation of brakes and adjust as necessary
  • Check all nuts and bolts to assure proper tightness
  • Check chain for any “stretching”
  • Clean and lubricate chain
  • Check for any unusual wear
  • Minor truing of wheels as needed

(add replacement of all cables and housing for an additional $25)

My Bike Has Seen Some Action (Deluxe): $110.00
(includes Regular Tune-up items PLUS:

  • Removal of chain, cassette, front and rear derailleurs and cleaning
  • Inspect crank/bottom bracket
  • Inspect headset/bearings lubricate as necessary
  • Inspect wheel hubs/ bearings and lubricate as necessary

My Bike Needs Special Help (Ultimate): $200.00
(includes Regular Tune-up and My Bike Needs Special Help items PLUS:

  • Complete stripping of bike to the frame and reassembly